Is Your Heel Pain Heel Spurs Or Plantar Fasciitis?

Calf muscles often tend to become tight, which causes additional stress on your foot muscles and especially the tendons due to lack of calcium. Body weight is also one of the heel spur causes that is undeniably debilitating. Heel pain tends to increase as your body weight increases. Excessive body weight often transmits stress to plantar fascia region. Your body weight should be proportionate to your height; otherwise it is a sign that you must lose weight. With continued strain, this can lead to thedevelopment of a heel spur. It is a common misconception that a heel spurrequires surgery or is a more serious condition; this is inaccurate.

Stand up and keep your hands against the wall at about your eye level. Keep one leg about a step behind your other leg, in such a way that one leg is straight while the other one is bent. Place the heel of the straight leg on the ground and lean forward so that you can feel a strong pull in the calves. Remain in this position for 20 – 25 seconds and repeat 4 – 5 times. The Heel-Rite is a combination ankle brace and arch support. The patented Heel-Rite provides effective daytime treatment for Plantar Fasciitis. The Heel-Rite is comfortable to wear and low profile in design.heel spur

Heel spur is basically like a hook of the bone that develops on heel bone. An imaging or X-ray can point out protruding bone from the base of your feet at a junction where plantar fascia meets or is attached to heel hone. Heel spur causes could be many, but it causes immense pain, irritation and inflammation of plantar fascia too. Heel spur is usually one of the heel pain causes, but it might not be the sole cause. Often ties, the plantar fascia might be so irritated due to the wear and tear of micro ligaments and tissues that it can affect your heel bone directly.

Thermal ultrasound therapy uses a further continuous transmission of sound waves. The sound waves source microscopic vibrations in the bottomless tissue molecules, increasing heat and roughness. The temperate effect encourages healing in the soft tissues by rising the metabolism at the level of the tissue cells. Mechanical ultrasound therapy uses beats of sound waves to penetrate tissues. While this unmoving has a minor warming effect on the tissues, it also sources expansion and contraction in the minute gas bubbles of the soft tissues. This helps to reduce the inflammatory response, reducing tissue puffiness and thus decreasing pain.heel spur

Orthopedic molds are very much effective in getting relief from the pain of this problem. These moulds are available in abundance in market. This remedy is also very much effective in treating the problem of heel spurs. You just have to place the moulds under your heels in your shoes regularly. You can get the relief from this abnormal situation. One of the effective natural remedy is the application of cheese cloth dipped in linseed oil. You should wrap this cloth properly over the affected area and be sure to wrap it for few hours.